Configuring ASM for Single Sign-On

ASM provides a common platform to set up integration with a variety of external applications. The Integration Platform is enabled and configured through the Integration Platform Settings window.

Before you start

You must have Integration Setup selected in the Admin tab of your General Access security role.

  1. Select ≡ > Admin > Integration.

    Use Explorer to configure the Single Sign-On components:

    • Signing Certificates – enables you to configure Signing Certificates for use by the connector.

    • Identity Providers – enables you to add the metadata from the Identity Provider.

    • Service Providers – enables you to configure Service Providers for ASM.

Service Provider Configuration

To configure your Service Provider and successfully connect to your chosen Identity Provider:

  1. Export Identity Provider Metadata (XML) to create a federated trust between the Identity Provider and the Service Provider (ASM). The Microsoft ADFS metadata can be downloaded from https://<adfs-server-name>/federationmetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml.

Nano supports SSO for more than one system. However, when two instances of ASM are running on one system, but SSO has been applied to only one of them, Nano only logs in to the default system. In order for SSO to work correctly, the SSO needs to be enabled or disabled on both systems.