Alemba Service Manager (ASM) provides Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functionality to enable ASM Analysts to more easily identify the User of the Support Call from the Caller ID.

This functionality currently supports the matching of the Caller telephone number with the telephone number stored against the ASM Person Record. Where more than one Person Record is matched. The Analyst can then:

  • Select the correct User, if there are more than one matched to the Caller ID

  • Log a New Call

  • Search for Outstanding Calls

  • Search for a different User and then Link them to the Caller ID

ASM CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) leverages off the investment made in a CTI server and PABX system. It provides alerts and identification of incoming Calls and trunk lines, and immediate access to current Calls. Examples where CTI can speed the logging of Calls and provide Caller recognition include high volume Call centers taking Calls from consumers or business customers, and support centers where personal service is essential.

Linking Caller IDs to customers

Customers in ASM can have Caller ID numbers stored against them. It is possible to have one customer with many Caller IDs (someone who may be working out of different locations), or many customers with the same Caller ID (different people may be working out of the same location).

ASM can pick up the Caller ID when a Call is registered through the ASM CTI component, and automatically present the support Analyst with a list of any customers matching that Caller ID. The Analyst can then log a new Call with one of the matching customers, manually change the customer, or search for further customers.

Using IVR to select Call numbers

ASM CTI can also pick up a Call number from an IVR component; an example might be a system that prompts the Caller to enter the number of their Call via the telephone keypad. When the Call comes through into the ASM system and the Agent picks up the phone, the Call Details window for that Call will open automatically, giving immediate access to the relevant information for that customer’s Incident.

Using ASM's IVR capabilities means faster resolution of Incidents and less time hunting down information. This in turn provides greater efficiency for the Service Desk, and improved satisfaction for customers.

User Interface

When a Telephone Call is answered, the ASM CTI interface will open using one of the available methods (deep link, secure link, postMessage) and will provide the caller’s telephone number and the unique id for the telephone call.

This interface will contain a which displays the caller’s name (if known) and the caller’s organization (if known) from the matched information from the telephone number that was called and the telephone number making the call.