Cloning Tickets in Portal

End Users can now Clone their Calls in the Self Service Portal rather than reopen an existing Closed Call.

Applicable to HERMES (ASM Version 10.6) and above

Users in the Self Service portal can choose to clone a ticket they have previously logged. For example, if the same issue recurs and users have not been granted access to reopen tickets, they can clone the original ticket instead. This effectively flags it as a recurring issue, but also maintains the service desk counts.

Many organizations do not allow closed tickets to be reopened if the issue is recurring. This is because it adversely impacts Key Performance Indicators and counts, but also the Service Level Agreements applied. Often, a new ticket is needed even if it is the same issue.

Once the user locates the ticket and opens it in review mode, they can simply click "Clone" to clone it to a new ticket.

  1. Users can only clone tickets where they are the "User". They cannot clone other's tickets even if they have access to see and browse them.

  2. Tickets must be in any open or closed/resolved state. Tickets that are "new" cannot be cloned.

To Enable Call Cloning

Before you Start

You must have "System Setup" in your General Access Security Role.

  1. Open the System Administration menu and navigate to the Self Service Portal>Self Service Portal Roles.

  2. Click the box next to the option for Clone Calls for each Self Service Portal role you would like to allow to clone calls.

  1. Save your changes. Provide a reason if prompted to do so.