Preparing to Use Resource Manager

Before analysts can use Resource Manager to allocate tasks, certain settings need to be put in place.

  1. You must have the Alemba API installed and running. This is installed by default for all systems running versions higher than 9.7.

  2. The analyst who wishes to allocate tasks to analysts/teams must:

  • Be identified as a Resource Manager for the relevant workflow group(s) in the Workflow Management Groups window. See Allocating Resource Managers for more details.

  • Have View Resource Manager selected in the Workflow Management Security Role: Shared Tab of their Workflow Management security role.

3. The tasks that require analyst allocation must be:

  • Standard tasks or approvals

  • Allocated to a team that has at least one resource manager

  • Flagged as Resource Managed. This can be set in the task details on the relevant workflow template, or within individual requests. This checkbox is available on Creating a Standard Task and Approval Tasks details windows.

If you choose to flag the task as resource managed within an individual request, or reassign a task that is already resource managed, you must ensure that the task is assigned to a workflow group that has a resource manager assigned in the Workflow Management Groups window if you wish it to continue to be resource managed.

Best Practice

If you find that, having upgraded, everyone using your ASM System is having trouble displaying Resource Manager, your system administrator should troubleshoot by running the DatabaseChecker.exe file, as described in Running the ASM Patch Tool.

This will ensure that database corruptions do not affect the smooth running of Resource Manager.