Configuring Windows Authentication for the Alemba API

Alemba API Clients can be configured to support Windows Authentication, subject to correct configuration of Integrated Security for the session type.

If a Core Analyst login has Integrated Security enabled, Windows Authentication can also be enabled for Alemba API Clients where the Session Type or request scope is set to Analyst.

Self Service Portal must be selected in the Integrated Security section of the Security Settings window.

To enable Windows Authentication, the corresponding setting must be enabled for the individual API client in Alemba Admin.

The Alemba.Web Web Application (in IIS) must also be configured to use Windows Authentication as follows:

  1. In Feature Delegation, set Authentication – Windows to Read/Write.

This is an application server level setting (accessed through the root node in IIS) and allows the Alemba Authorization Server to use passive Windows Authentication.

2. Enable Windows Authentication and Anonymous Authentication for the Alemba.Web application.