Generic Connectors to ASM Core

The generic connectors to ASM Core include the following:

Connector NameThird Party Application

Alemba® Email Event Connector

Email applications

Alemba® External Process Connector

An external process, such as PowerShell or other executable

Alemba® Stored Procedure Connector

A stored procedure in the ASM database

Atlassian JIRA Connector

Atlassian Jira

CSV Connector

A plain text Comma Separated Value (CSV) file

Database Resources Connector

External databases

MS SQL Table Connector

SQL Server Database tables

MS Azure DevOps Connector

Microsoft Azure DevOps

ASM to ASM Connector

ASM Core

Refer to the ASM Connector Matrix for more details of the versions that are currently supported.

You should familiarize yourself with the information in Installing Connectors before installing any connectors, and read the Integration topics for more information on how to configure them.