Importing Identity Provider Metadata

When creating a Service Provider for ASM you will need to specify which Identity Provider to use.

Adding an Identity Provider

To add a new identity provider:

  1. Select ≡ > Admin > Integration.

  2. In the Explorer pane, under Single Sign On, select Identity Providers.

  3. Select the New icon, then complete the following details:

NameAdd a Display Name for the Identity Provider.

Secure Hash Algorithm

Choose SHA-1 or SHA-256 from the dropdown list.

The Hash Algorithm here must be the same as the one selected for the Relying Party when importing service provider metadata.


Copy and Paste the metadata XML from your Identity Provider into this field.

The metadata must include the public key for the IdP Signing Certificate (this is included by default in ADFS metadata).

Select the Save icon to save the details.

Deleting an Identity Provider

  1. Select an Identity Provider in the Identity Providers browse table.

  2. Select the Delete icon .

    A deletion warning appears.

  3. Select Yes to delete the Identity Provider, or No to cancel.