Viewing Integration Activity

Viewing Activity

Before you start

The ASM Core Integration Polling Service must be running for scheduled scans to run on Federated CMDB sources in the defined period. Event Management events are detected through the polling service and are not dependent on integration scheduling.

You must have Integration Setup selected in the Admin tab of your General Access Security Role.

  1. Select ≡ > Admin > Integration.

    The Integration Platform Settings window appears.

  2. Select the Activity option from the explorer pane.

  3. Complete the details:

From and To

Select the start and end date to define the period in which you want to view activity.


select the connector for which you want to view activity


select the source for which you want to view activity

  • Select the Summary view for an overview of all events logged in the period.

  • Select the Scheduling view to view all scans run in the period. To view the activity details about a scan, double-click the entry in the browse table.

  • Select the Log view to view all event messages and warnings recorded in the period.