Changing your Password

When you are first added to the system, your system administrator will give you your login ID and password. Your login ID cannot be changed but you should change your password regularly.

You may find that the system is set up so that passwords expire after a certain period. If your password expires without your knowledge - if, say, you are on leave - you will be prompted to create a new one when you next log in to ASM Core.

  1. Select ≡ > Admin > Password.

  2. The Change Password dialog box appears, showing your Login ID and a number of blank fields.

  3. In the Old Password field, type your current password.

  4. In the New Password field, type your new password. Passwords must be a minimum of six characters in length. You must specify a valid password. ASM Core does not permit blank passwords.

  5. Retype your new password in the Confirm field.

  6. Select Ok to save the new password and close the dialog box.

The System Administrator can also reset your password if necessary by updating the details in the Login ID in the person details.