Creating Reporting Views from Search Results

You can Create Database Views from Search Results. These views can then be used to form the basis for reports and dashboards.

Using Table Views for Database Reporting in Alemba Service Manager (ASM)

Alemba Service Manager (ASM) offers the flexibility to generate reports by leveraging table views created ad-hoc. This process involves exporting search results as a view, which can then be utilized for reporting purposes. However, it's important to note that calculated fields such as Indicator Column and access to Custom Extension Fields require joining this View at the database level.

Direct SQL Views Creation

Creating SQL views directly against the database can significantly enhance the reporting capabilities within ASM for various entities like calls, requests, and tasks, providing a comprehensive data analysis tool.

To Enable this capability

  1. Your Security role (IPK, Workflow, etc) must have Export Search View

  2. You must contact Alemba Support to configure the database accounts and Schemas to support this feature.

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