Instant Messaging/Internal Messages

ASM is able to send Instant Messages for predefined system events and ad-hoc.

If configured, ASM will send internal Message popups to agents for predefined situations such as:

  • Bulletin Board notifications

  • Ticket assignment

  • Ticket Escalation

  • Request Escalation

  • Request Assignment

Agents can also send ad-hoc IM's to other agents in ASM.

Sending Ad-Hoc Internal Messages

Agents can also send internal messages whenever they wish by Clicking the New icon in the main menu and selecting Message.

In order to receive IM's, you must have

  1. Available Recipient selected on your IPK and Workflow Management security Roles.

  2. You must have System Messaging enabled on your person record.

The message will appear as a pop-up IM on the receiving agents screen.

Communication via IM is not bi-directional. Agents cannot respond to IM's at this time.

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