Managing Inventory Items

ASM Core classifies an Inventory as a Configuration Item, one of the main items in the CMDB.

An Inventory is created and managed in much the same way as other CMDB items and is used primarily to create a record for your bulk inventory items (such as keyboards, handsets, computer mice).

You can also manage your Inventory items as follows:

  • execute transactions on an inventory (for example to order, allocate or reserve a quantity of items of the items in the inventory)

  • specify how the inventory may be used, that is to which other configuration items inventory items can be allocated or reserved

  • set up thresholds to log calls or requests if the quantity of items in the inventory (that is the number of items you have in stock is running low and you need to order more items

Adding an Inventory

Before you start

You must have CMDB Item New selected in the CMDB Items tab of your Configuration Management Security Role.

  1. Select Menu and then New. From the submenu, select Inventory .

  2. Complete the CMDB details.

  3. Using the linking panel at the bottom of the window, link the item to other CMDB items and stakeholders as appropriate.

  4. Specify the usage criteria, if you want to limit the CMDB items with which this inventory can be used.

  5. Use the options in the Explorer pane to carry out any further tasks.

  6. Select Ok to save the details, or Save New to save the details and display a blank details window, ready for you to create another CMDB item.

Options in the Inventory Details Explorer

The following options are available in the Inventory Details window, access to some of which depend on the settings in your security role.

Searching for Inventory

You can search for inventory in the same way as you would search for any CMDB item, selecting Inventory in the CMDB Item Type field in the CMDB Search Criteria pane.

Updating Inventory

You update inventory details in the same way as you would update any CMDB item. Simply place the item in Edit mode by clicking the Pencil icon (if enabled by your security role) and make your changes. Then click OK, or Save at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting Inventory

You delete inventory in the same way as you would delete any CMDB item.

You can restore deleted inventory if you wish.