Managing Services

Services are the core services "umbrellas" provided by an IT department such as Email, Network, Enterprise Apps, or Printing. Most organizations will have no more than 5 to 8 "umbrellas".

Best Practice

The goal is to build an easy to understand service catalog and that begins with an easy to understand service offering. Try not to create a labrynth of services and instead think of these as umbrellas, or Lines of Service. The service catalog stays simple and intuitive this way.

For example: You could have a service called "Enterprise Applications". This service would contain within it all the Enterprise apps as CI.

Structured like this, the only service action needed for the Self Service Portal then would be an Software Request that has a CI Search field (multi or single select) allowing the users to select the enterprise Application(s) needed.

Adding a Service

Before you start

You must have CMDB Item New selected in the CMDB Items tab of your Configuration Management security role.

Display New Item in Wrapper must be selected in the CMDB Item Type Details window for the Service CMDB Type.

  1. Display a blank Service Details window in any of the following ways.

    • Select Menu and then New. From the submenu, select Service .

    • Select Menu and then New. From the submenu, select CMDB Item... and select Service as the CMDB Item Type. Use this option if the item type does not appear in the New submenu, you want to create a service from a template, or create a subtype of the services listed as default.

    • Use the Add New button in the CMDB Item Search window.

  2. Complete the details about the service.

  3. Link the Service Actions to the service.

  4. You must link service actions to a service in order to use them.

  5. Link other CMDB Items to the service.

  6. Select Ok to save the details, or Save New to save the details and display a blank details window, ready for you to create another CMDB item.

Service Details Explorer Options

The Service Details Explorer appears on the left-hand side of the Service Details window. It contains options or links to other windows and functionality that relate to the Service.

The following options are available:

Updating a Service

You update service details in the same way as you would update any CMDB item.

Deleting a Service

You delete a service in the same way as you would delete any CMDB item.

You can restore deleted CMDB items if you wish.