Call Activities Explorer Option

Call Activities are much like an activity checklist. They provide a list of activities to be completed, which ensures the correct process is followed, and enables tracking of call progress.

Before you Start

You must have View Call Activities selected in the IPK Management Security Role to use Call Activities.

Administrators can create and reuse lists across multiple calls and call templates.

Using ASM Core, you can:

  • Add activities to a call from an Activity List created by the Admin.

  • Create new ad-hoc Call Activities for a call.

  • Close Call Activities from a call

  • View all Call Activities for a call, open and closed activities.

  • View all Call Activities in the system from the Call Activities window.

Adding Activities and Activity Lists to a Call

  1. Open the Call Details window.

  2. In the Explorer menu, expand Data, then select Call Activities.

  3. The Call Activities window is displayed.

  4. To add an Activity List to the call:

  • Use the Activity Lists field to select the activity list you want to add to the call.

  • Press Add Activities from List.

  • All activities from the selected list are added to the call and appear in the table.

To create an Activity on the call:

  1. Select to create a new activity item. The Activity Details window is displayed.

  2. Type a Description and Details for the activity

  3. Press OK. The activity is added to the call and appears in the table.

Viewing and Closing Activities on a Call

  1. On the Call Activities window, double-click an activity to open it.

  2. The Activity Details window is displayed.

  3. To close the activity, select a Closed Date.

  4. Press OK. The activity is closed. It cannot be reopened.

Viewing all Call Activities in the System

  1. Select ≡ > View > Call Activities. The Current Call Activities window is displayed, listing all activities in the system.

  2. Select an option to filter the Activities according to status:

    • Open – displays all open activities

    • Closed – displays all closed activities

    • All – displays all activities, regardless of status

  3. Double-click an activity to view the Activity Details window.