Using Quick Forms in ASM Core

Quick Forms are linked to Type Tiers and display a list of pre-defined questions in the Call Details screen when the linked Type is selected.

Completing a question in the Quick Form advances the progress bar at the top of the Call Details window. Use Quick Forms to improve time to call resolution, ensure important information is captured, and support new staff while they get up to speed.

Although Quick forms are primarily used for triage and troubleshooting to ensure consistency, they can also be used to build out other processes where consistency is required and the learning curve needs to be kept as small as possible.

For Example, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has a standard process for restoring a database for their customers that must be followed because it impacts the agreements they have with their customers, particularly those with enhanced SLAs. The SLA was not being met much of the time because of gaps in the process. The process involves several teams that get assigned at specific points and this was causing the targets to be missed. They did not wish to use workflow because of the break/fix nature of these tickets. To do so would have impacted KPI and reporting as they had it structured. To solve the problem, they built the process into a quick form and manage it from the quick form template. It was linked to the VIP Database Restore Call Type-Tier.

This ensures no one needs to remember a separate process for these kinds of tickets and the process is always followed exactly the same way, every time that kind of ticket is logged. The prompts even tell the agent what team to send the ticket to based on specific criteria, who to call or who to email. Each subsequent assignee can see the notes on each part of the process and is able to begin their part of actioning the ticket with a clear view of everything that has already been accomplished. This CSP is now meeting their SLA's for high priority Database restoration and the OLA between the groups are also being met.

Using Quick Forms in ASM Core

When Quick Forms are enabled and configured, the quick forms appear in the Call Details when a linked Type Tier is selected by the Analyst.

If there is more than one Quick Form linked to a Type Tier, the first form is displayed by default. Analysts can use the Quick Form field to select a different quick form linked to that Type Tier.

To complete a Quick Form the analyst types an answer for each question. Answers that require verification by the analyst have a check box beside them, which must be selected to complete the form.

A progress bar at the top of call details page shows the percentage of questions completed.

Answers are saved to the call when it is Saved, Deferred, Forwarded, or Closed.