Using Call Scripts in Core

Available in the self-service portal and in Core, Call scripts provide a step-by-step approach to help an analyst or user resolve a call.

Scripting is not available in the NANO Application

When Call Scripts have been enabled in ASM Core, Analysts are able to access these scripts from the Links menu in any Call (ticket).

  1. Click the Resolution Menu in the Links window

  2. If a Script is available, you will see a menu option for Script

  3. Click Script

  1. Select from the list the call script to use - Each row in the Script table corresponds to a question and potential Solution.

  2. Step through the script with the User and record your actions and answers - If you want to start over, clear the session using the "Clear" button to clear out previous answers and prevent the answers being written to the history of the Call.

  3. When you have completed the script, click Save to commit the interaction to the History of the Call.

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