Part 2 - Defining Workflow Criteria Rules

The Workflow Criteria Rules window enables you to define the criteria for your IPK rules that will trigger the linked workflow you built in Part 1.

  1. Click IPK Rules to Workflow Mapping

  2. Click the + to add a new rule

    • Give a title and brief description of the workflow rule in the Rule Title and Description fields.

  3. Then complete the rule details.

  1. Your rule will now read <Item><Operator><Value>. Example: IPK Status = Incident.

  2. Click Add to List. Your rule appears in the browse table next to the buttons. It displays the Item, Relationship, and Value. When you select a row in the browse table, the details are automatically updated in the Item, Relationship, and Value fields. If you want, you can edit the fields, and click Update. The row in the browse table is updated.

  3. Repeat to create additional rules.

  4. When you define more than one rule, the rules are used in conjunction. If you was to build a more complex rule, select the "Rules Builder" instead of a specific field.

  5. Click Save. The IPK Rule Mapping window appears with the browse table updated to show the rule you just created. You can now link workflows to this rule.

  6. To delete a rule, select it in the browse table and click Delete Rule. Click Save.

Relationship Operators

The available operators in the Relationship list will vary depending on which field you have selected from the Item list. For example, if you have chosen IPK Status from the Item list, the only operators applicable will be = and <> (equal to and not equal to). It wouldn’t make sense to have a particular IPK status greater than or equal to another status.

The full list of operators is as follows: