Using Quick Forms

Quick Forms allow you to specify the actions to take, or questions to ask for specific scenarios. This allows you to build in your triage and troubleshooting process directly into the screen.

Using Quick Forms in a Call

The quick form linked to a specified call type will automatically load when that type is clicked. For example, if a quick form is linked to 3CX Telephone issue and it is the issue selected on the call, the quick form will load automatically and display the required questions or information that must be captured.

If more than one quick form is linked to a call type, the analyst will be presented with the option to select the correct form.

This is distinctly different from Scripting:

  1. Scripting provides troubleshooting a possible solutions based on a given answer.

  2. With Scripting, the analyst would need to first access the links menu and then select the correct script for the type of call logged (See "Scripting" for more information).

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