NANO Video Tutorial - Quick Start

The below Video will allow you to explore NANO and many of the features available.

ASM is highly configurable so what you see in the video may differ slightly from your own implementation. If you have any questions, please contact Alemba Support or your System Administrator.

Login to NANO and Configure your Workload

Managing Your Tasks in NANO

Much of the functionality you will see in the following video extends to Calls and Requests.

Tasks are tickets automatically assigned to you from Requests. Requests and Tasks differ from Calls (break/fix tickets) in that they usually represent things like Change Requests or Service requests that have some level of automation sitting behind them.

Tasks are not usually "break/fix", but your organization's needs may require the use of requests for break/fix if there is any automation that needs to sit behind a specific fix process.

In ASM you don't typically "work" a request. You work the tasks it generates and assigns.

In the video below you will see:

  • Using the KahnBan View

  • Navigating and Managing Tasks

  • Approving and rejecting Approvals

  • Updating the tasks

  • Viewing the dependency Diagram

  • Viewing deep linked data

  • Sending email from a task

  • Pinning your task screen

  • Printing an ad-hoc task report

Managing Calls in NANO

Much of the functionality you will see in the following video extends to Tasks and Requests.

A call is typically a break fix item. In NANO, you can manage all of your call actions easily from any browser or mobile device.

In the video below you will see:

  • working with your call results screen - commonly referred to as your queue

  • working with calls

  • reassigning calls

  • updating calls

  • emailing from a call

  • viewing deep linked details (CMDB, users, SLA, etc)

  • Closing calls

  • searching the matching knowledge

  • searching matching calls

NANO Menus