Chat allows users to carry out a real time "chat" online with analysts. Calls are automatically logged when a Chat request is submitted and analysts can link chats to several calls.

To setup a chat integration (not using the native Alemba Chat) please see External Chat Tool Integrations.

Depending on how your System Administrator has configured chat, you can chat realtime through the Alembot, the native chat interface, via Teams, or some other external communication platform capability.

Whichever Chat capability is being used, the fundamental way you, the user, interacts with Chat is the same.

  1. Initiate a Chat.

  2. Receive suggestions for a fix (automated from the Alemba Chat bot).

  3. Or Chat with a live agent.

As soon as you initiate a chat with support, a ticket is logged automatically for you in ASM. The chat transcript is written to the record and any files exchanged are automatically added.

Chat for Users

Users must have Chat User selected in the Options tab of their Self Service Portal role.

  1. Once users have chat user permissions, they can see the Chat option in their Self Service My Options menu. If there is an analyst available, the item will appear as available. If there are no analysts available, either because they are offline or dealing with other users, the option title will reflect the status.

  2. When the user selects the option, the Chat Request window appears. (If it selected when there are no analysts available, the Description field is grayed out.)

  3. The user completes the description and selects to chat to an analyst.

  4. This logs a call, which appears on the user's screen, and opens a Chat window showing the status of the chat, the number of available analysts and the user's place in any queue. This is updated as the status changes.

  5. When the chat session is accepted by an analyst, the chat begins. Users and analysts can typeto a chat box at the bottom of the chat window.

  6. The icons at the top of the chat window indicate the status of the chat. Typically, there will be a green dot, a minimize and a close icon. When the analyst is typing, the green dot icon will display a small speech bubble.

  7. Users can end the chat by closing the window. The details of the call logged as a result of the chat appears on the screen, and when the user selects the Chat option again, they can see the call in the list of Recently Logged Calls.

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