Logging and Reviewing Tickets and Tasks/Approvals

The Self Service Portal enables you to log Calls, Requests, and Service Requests (tickets) and assign them to support analysts or groups.

You can also search for past tickets that have been resolved, current tickets that are open and monitor the progress.

Additional information such as a note or a file (object) can also be added.

Ticket Types

In ASM, there are several types of tickets you can log. While users tend to refer to all tickets they log as "Tickets", you may hear Support refer to them specifically by what they are and ASM does make slight distinctions. Below is a glossary of terms and synonyms to help you:

  1. Service Request - A Service Request is also technically a call and some Service Desks refer to them as "Calls". The difference really sits with reporting and metrics since a Service Request does not indicate a break/Fix situation, but rather an "I want or I need" situation. Therefore the Service Level Agreements and response times will likely be different. As a user, this is irrelevant to you for the most part, but it is a distinction important for the service desk to function efficiently.

  2. Request - A request is similar to a Service request. The main difference being in that a Request will have sub tasks that sit within it. For example, a new employee onboarding would be a request because within it, there are numerous sub-tasks that need to happen: Provisioning accounts, ordering equipment, setting up cubicles and payroll, etc. For you as the user, you simply submit the ticket, but Support will receive numerous individual tasks (as tickets) as a result of your submission. If they call you regarding the Request, they may not refer to it as a ticket, but rather the "Request".

  3. Approvals and Tasks - Approvals and Tasks are always a "child" of a parent Request as discussed above. Sometimes these will be assigned to you! You will simply open it as you would any other ticket and take the appropriate action against it.

When you click any menu item to log a ticket, a template has already been configured to submit the correct ticket type. You need only to fill out the form that appears and submit it.

You can log a ticket several ways

  1. By browsing your assigned equipment, you can click the Phone icon next to the name of the equipment you are having issues with and the system will log a call/incident - Break/Fix. You will be presented with a short form to complete to let support know what is happening with that equipment.

  2. By initiating a chat with support.

  3. By Asking a Question.

  4. By using the Self-Diagnosis function.

  5. By sending an Email.

  6. By Clicking the menu option to "Contact Support "or "Log a Ticket". Refer to your specific organization for information on what menu item they have configured to log a ticket if it is not self-evident.

  7. From the Service Catalog, either on the home page promoted items, or by searching the service catalog.

  8. By cloning an existing ticket that you have previously logged.

These configurations are highly-specific to each organization. Please refer to your System Administrator for help locating your options for logging a ticket.