Chasing Ticket or Request

You can Chase a ticket you have logged to the support organization,

In addition to using the conversation widget to chat with support (off-line conversations with Support), you can also chase your tickets.

When you chase a ticket, you are beginning an escalation process. This is configured by the organization. For example:

If the organization has defined the number of chases allowed is 3, and that a minimum of one hour must elapse between chases, you will be able to chase your ticket 3 times at no more than 1-hour intervals.

Additionally, if the organization has configured it, your final chase may result in an automatic escalation. If this happens, a new ticket will be logged with your original ticket linked to it. This new ticket will move over to the escalation team in order to get it resolved, or to assess next steps.

Chase a Ticket

In order to Chase tickets, your system Administrator must have Chase configured in ASM and your Self Service Portal Security Role must allow the capability.

  1. Locate the ticket you want to chase on the Self Service Portal. There are a number of ways:

    • Using the Global Search, enter the ticket number

    • Using your counts widget, access the results table and browse to find the ticket you want to chase

    • Using the My Incidents Widget (if enabled), access the results table and browse to find the ticket you want to chase.

  2. Open the ticket. This places it in Review Mode.

  3. Depending on how your system is configured, the menu may be located across the top, side or on the bottom of this screen. Click the Chase button.

  1. Complete the details

  2. Click the Chase button

  3. Or if you wish to cancel, click Cancel.

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