Delegating Work

You can delegate your work for a specified period of time from within Self Service Portal. This is particularly useful if you are going to be absent from your desk or are preparing to take holiday. The analyst you choose as a delegate must have the necessary permissions to manage your workload.

  1. From the My Options menu, select Delegation Setup.

  1. In the Delegation Setup page, complete the details.

Activate DelegationSelect this checkbox to begin delegating work. This is available so that you can set up delegate details in advance, and then simply check the box when necessary.

Delegate Name

Identify the analyst you want to use as a delegate. You can select a number of analysts, but they must have the necessary permissions to manage your workload.

Type part or all of the analyst's name, or use the button to search for the analyst.

  1. When you have identified the analyst, select Add Delegate to Table.

  2. When you see the entry in the browse table, select the checkboxes to set the delegate settings.

Action ApprovalsSelect to allow the delegate to action approvals on your behalf.

Notify Delegate

Select to send an email to the analyst informing them that they have been delegated work.


Select to make the analyst an active delegate. This allows you to have a number of analysts saved as potential delegates, and select the ones that are most appropriate for the time period that you are delegating work.


Select this option to remove the analyst from the list of delegates.

  1. Click OK when you have completed the details.