Self-Help/Self-Diagnosis in Portal: Scripts

Call scripts provide a step-by-step approach to help a user resolve a call.

When Call Scripts have been enabled in the Self Service Portal, Users are able to access these scripts from the Self-Help Menu.

Anytime you use Self Help (e.g., Scripts, Knowledge, Chat), ASM will create a ticket for you. Even if you resolve the issue on your own, a record of the interaction is captured. This is helpful should you need to reopen it, or if you do not find a solution. There is no need for you to log a separate ticket and repeat the same actions or statements again.

  1. Click the Self Help Menu in the Links bar

  2. If a Script is available, you will see a menu option for Self Diagnosis.

Organizations can re-label this option, so if you do not see Self Diagnosis, please check with your organization what it is labeled.

  1. Click Self Diagnosis

  2. Select from the list the call script to use - Each row in the Script table corresponds to a question and potential Solution.

  1. Step through the script and record your actions and answers - If you want to start over, clear the session using the "Reset" button to clear out previous answers and prevent the answers being written to the history of the Call. You can also select to Start Over.

  2. For each option listed in the script, the AND/OR text field appears. The AND/OR field enables you to add additional information to your response. You can provide either a clarification to listed response you have chosen, or define a "different" option if none of the listed options fits your response. In each case, the text specified in the AND/OR field becomes part of the accumulated script dialog that can be passed on to any call logged from the script.

  3. Click the Next button and continue completing the script. The selected questions and responses are displayed in the Dialog section. Advice based on your selection is also displayed. You may log an incident at the end if the advice does not resolve your issue.

  4. When you have completed the script, click Save to commit the interaction to the History of the Call.

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