Business Continuity Planning

Business and Service Continuity plans ensure the availabilty and performance of a given service is maintained at sufficient levels in case of disaster.

This section is designed to show you how to take the capabilities of ASM and leverage them to solve your own business and process issues. Each section gives a condensed, self-guided workshop on implementing the given capability. Many times, the content will refer you to specific ASM Product Documentation pages, rather than repeat what has already been documented.

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Scope of BCP

The scope of Service Continuity Management includes:

  1. Performing Business Impact Analysis to quantify the impact of service unavailability to the service provider and service consumers.

  2. Developing service continuity strategies and integrating them into the business continuity management strategy, if relevant. This should include elements of risk-mitigation measures as well as the selection of appropriate and comprehensive recovery options.

  3. Developing and managing service continuity plans and providing a clear interface to business continuity plans, if relevant.

  4. Performing exercises and testing the service continuity plans invocation in case of disaster.

In ASM - You can create a Business Continuity Plan Document (Request) that will both invoke and propose plans. These can be set to the services to which they apply and then will in turn, invoke the correct Service Continuity plan based on the details. This will also work in reverse. Below are some examples of this configuration.

Workflow Administration Tasks: Build a workflow according to your own processes. Below is an example of the workflow:

To communicate and Notify when plans have been enacted

Managing Bulletins

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