Dynamic Ticket Routing

The Ask a Question Feature is one of several ways you can configure Dynamic Call routing where the Organization does not want the user to choose from many options, but rather only have 1.

This section is designed to show you how to take the capabilities of ASM and leverage them to solve your own business and process issues. Each section gives a condensed, self-guided workshop on implementing the given capability. Many times, the content will refer you to specific ASM Product Documentation pages, rather than repeat what has already been documented.

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With Question Mappings you simply ask the user to tell you what is wrong and nothing more. The mappings you specify do all the work for support and the user!

For example, say you have a question map setup for Printer issues. If a user Asks a Question and selects that the issue is related to a hardware issue and selects the service is Printing and Copying, this can automatically log the correct kind of call (Break/Fix vs. Service Request) and route it to the selected team.

It will also apply the correct SLA, notify the relevant parties, and trigger any other Workflow rules you have in place. You can even have these queries log requests for specific Service Actions.

With this feature, you can:

  1. Relabel Ask a Question to anything you would like, such as Contact Support, for example

  2. Reconfigure the Ask a Question screen to remove fields you do not want, such as Knowledge Profile or service.

    • If you have implemented Knowledge Profiles according to Best Practice and you only have Public and Internal as your profiles, you can remove this field from the screen.

    • You may only want users to tell you what the Symptom of their issue is (the Type/Tier) and if this is the case, you can also hide the Service Field.

  3. Configure Question maps to correspond to all of your IPK Type Tiers and attach to the correct Call template

  4. Configure IPK Workflow rules to automatically create Requests based on specified criteria

You can not:

  1. Add fields to the Screen

  2. Make Fields Required

  3. Add Rules to the Screen

For more information on how to configure Ask a Question, please see Question Mappings and for more information on modifying the screen, see Screen Designer (Use the global search to find it easily).

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