Add the Conversation History Widget to NANO Screens

You can add the Conversation History to NANO screens to make it easier for analysts to interact with the users.

Add the Conversation History Widget to the Details screens in NANO so analysts can more clearly see the interactions between analysts and users, allowing them to easily add notes and attachments.

Add the Widget

  1. Locate the entity screen set you wish to add the conversation widget to. For this example, we will use the Incident Details Screen.

If there is no NANO screen in the list, ASM will use the default screen set. If this is the case, you will need to create the screen:

  1. When you have created or opened the desired screen, Scroll to the bottom of the layout widget section and pickup the conversation Widget and drag it onto your screen to the desired spot for insertion

  1. No further configuration is required.

How the Conversation Widget Works

The Conversation widget lists, in conversation form notes added by the users and notes added by the analyst. It will also display attachments that are added and certain other history items. Much of the System history that a user will find "noisy" is filtered out of this widget. Rather, the content is distilled down to what is normally most relevant to both the Analyst and the User.

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