Knowledge Article Screens

Out of the box, the screens are more than sufficient to start your KB, however, you may want to make a few changes.

Knowledge Submission Screens for the Analyst

Out of the box, ASMs knowledge Submission screens are preconfigured. However, more often than not, analysts are confused as to what information to put and where to put the information. This increases the workload for the Knowledge Management Team. You can add text to the screens to help the analysts understand what information should be entered and how. The following is an example of a submission screen that includes helpful text for the analyst:

Knowledge Review Screens for the Analyst

The analyst knowledge review screens can also be edited.

This means you can add and reformat fields as you would any other screen.

Knowledge Review Screens for the User (SSP and Matching Knowledge)

Out of the box, the review screens on the portal are fully configured. You may want to go in and remove redundant or unnecessary information and add any custom fields you may have included on the submission screen, if relevant.

Do not stack fields side by side in the review screens for the self service portal. This is because when Matching knowledge loads there is only space for a single column. The text will wrap in an incongruous manner and make the knowledge preview appear "off".

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