Deleting a Custom Screen

Screens no longer needed can be deleted in order to clean up your system. Any tickets using them will revert to the default Screen set.

You cannot delete:

  • a screen from one of the default screen sets. A warning message appears if you try to delete a screen in a standard screen set.

  • a message template if it is the last template mapped to the message type in administration, as there has to be at least one message template per message type.

  • If message types are partitioned, you will not be able to delete a message type mapped to the default partition. In both cases, a warning message appears if you attempt to delete the message template.

  1. Before deleting screens, we strongly recommend that you undertake appropriate training on ASM Designer.

  2. Exercise caution when using ASM Designer to work with screens which have been customized by Alemba Professional Services. Contact your Alemba account manager if you are uncertain about whether your actions will impact these customizations.

  3. You must have Designer selected in your General Access Security Role.

  4. To maintain an audit trail of changes made to screens, forms and message templates, Designer must be selected in the Auditing window.

  1. Select the screen you want to delete. To select multiple screens, select one and hold down the Shift or Ctrl key and select the rest.

  2. Select Delete.

  3. In the warning popup, select Yes to confirm the deletion.

Restoring a Screen

  1. Select View Deleted. The browse table displays only deleted screens.

  2. Select Restore.

  3. If you restore a screen which has also had its screen set deleted in administration, a message appears informing you that the screen set will also be restored. Select Yes to restore both the screen and the screen set, or No to close the warning without restoring either.

  4. Deselect View Deleted. The restored screen appears in the list of active screens.