Field Calculations & Risk Calculation

You can configure fields in ASM to automatically populate based on the values on other fields. The most common scenario is Risk Calculation.

ASM has a native risk calculator built in, but you can also configure your own fields and perform risk calculation or other weighted calculations using the Screen Designer. In the example below, we will use risk calculation, but you can use the capability to do any calculation your organization requires.

1. Create the Input Fields for your Calculated Field

Create input fields for your calculated field. They will all be single-select Drop Down fields. For example:

2. Create your Calculated Field

This will also be a single-select Drop Down field. In this case, we have linked it to the System list value for Risk:

3. Click the Calculated Field and Configure the calculator

Now all you need to do is configure your calculator.

  1. Click on the calculated field and then go to Field Properties

  2. Click Calculate Value and then the Ellipsis. Select all the questions you want considered.

The importance of a good naming convention is apparent. You will want to be sure to name the fields and lists in such a way as you can easily discern what they are.