Screens Available for Configuration using ASM Designer

The following screens can be configured with ASM Designer. For each you are able to modify all related message templates, Self Service Portal submission and review screens, Nano screens and ASM Core Service Desk screens.

  • Agreement

  • Bulletin

  • Call

  • CMDB Item

  • Contract

  • Cost Center

  • Integration

  • IPK Group (ASM HERMES and later)

  • Jurisdiction

  • Knowledge

  • Location

  • Organization

  • Person

  • Report

  • Request

  • Self Service Portal

  • Service Order

  • Subscriber Group

  • Task

  • Threshold

  • User Survey

  • Workflow Group (ASM HERMES and later)

Screens are also created dynamically that you can edit

For example, if you create a new CI type, ASM will automatically create a screen set based on the defaut CMDB Item screen set. You are then free to go into screen designer and modify the screen set as your organization requires.

Any screen that is not configured by you will automatically display in ASM and on the Portal and Nano using the default screen set for that entity

The default Request screen will be used for all requests without an assigned screen set

The default Configuration Item screen will be used for all CI without an assigned screen set

and so on...

You can never orphan a screen set even if you delete a previously assigned screen. ASM will simply revert back to the default OOB (out of the box) screen set.

IPK and Workflow Group Custom Screens