System Administration Settings

The System Administration Settings are the hub for all the global configurations within your organization. These settings encompass a range of options such as updating security roles, customizing email and message templates, managing dropdown values for system fields, and much more.

As you navigate through the subsequent sections, they will follow the same sequence as seen in the System Administration menu. You can easily scroll through the options on the left side of the page to find the sections that interest you.

Best Practice: It's advised not to use the default system values listed as "unspecified" or "default" for operational data within ASM.

In the coming menus, you'll encounter various predefined lists, like reasons for closure or type tiers, each including a "Default" or "Unspecified" option. Though it might be tempting to rename these since they can't be removed, bear in mind these are fixed database entires that might not function identically to values you define. Static values are embedded in many places within the system to ensure database integrity, requiring at least one value. The recommended approach is to maintain these defaults and create new, custom values for your use.

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