Bulletin Board Priorities

You can create priorities available for bulletins, change their order and delete one or more if necessary.

Before you start

You must have Bulletin Board Setup selected on the Admin tab of your General Access Security Role. Changes to priorities will not affect existing bulletins.

  1. Select the Menu button, then Admin, then select System Administration.

  2. The System Administration window appears.

  3. In the Explorer pane, expand Bulletin Board, then select Bulletin Board Priorities.

  4. To add a new priority, select the New icon. A row is inserted in the browse table, key the name into the Name list.

  5. To change the order of the priorities, select an affected priority and use the Up or Down sorting buttons to move it up or down in the displayed list.

  6. To make a priority the default, use the Up sorting button to move it to the top of the list.

  7. To delete a priority, click to highlight it. Select the Delete icon. If you attempt to delete the system default, you will receive a warning message.

You cannot reverse this procedure. If you delete a priority by mistake, you have to re-create the entry by creating a priority.

8. Select to save the changes. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so.