Bulletin Stakeholder Roles

You can create Stakeholder roles for bulletins that will allow you to target bulletins to specific audiences.

For example, you copuld create a bulletin and specify a specific organization, Group, or team as the audience. This is useful if you want to keep the visual input to your users and analysts limited to only that wihich is relevant.

Creating, updating, and deleting a Stakeholder Role

Before you start

You must have Bulletin Board Setup selected on the Admin tab of your General Access Security Role. Changes to priorities will not affect existing bulletins.

  1. Select the Menu button, then Admin, then select System Administration.

  2. The System Administration window appears.

  3. In the Explorer pane, expand Bulletin Board, then select Bulletin Stakeholder Roles.

  4. To add a new stakeholder role, select the New icon. A row is inserted in the browse table, key the name into the Name list.

  5. To delete a stakeholder role, click to highlight it. Select the Delete icon. If you attempt to delete the system default, you will receive a warning message.