Configuring the Bulletin Board

The bulletin board contains bulletins which keep Analysts and Users up to date with events and news that may impact them.

One of the system administrator responsibilities is to configure the bulletin board and define bulletin priorities.

You can:

  • enable auditing of bulletins, which will track changes to bulletins, recording the date of the change, the name of the analyst who made it and the action undertaken

  • enable version control, which instructs the system to track and store versions of objects attached to bulletins when these versions are updated

  • define the priorities analysts can assign to bulletins when they create them.

Configuring the Bulletin Board Settings

Before you start

You must have Bulletin Board Setup selected on the Admin tab of your General Access Security Role. Changes to priorities will not affect existing bulletins.

  1. Select the Menu button, then Admin, then select System Administration.

  2. The System Administration window appears.

  3. In the Explorer pane, expand Bulletin Board, then select Bulletin Board Settings.

  4. Select or deselect the checkbox(es) for: Audit. Auditing enables tracing of changes to your bulletin board.

  5. Select or deselect Bulletin Board Object Version Control. Object Version Control allows you to maintain versioning on=f related attachments against bulletins.

  6. Set the default bulletin expiry time. Select the numerical value 1,2.3, etc.. and the period; minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years

  7. Select to save the changes.

  8. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so.

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