Call Physical Statuses

Call Physical Statuses appear on the Calls Details windows. They indicate the current status of the call, such as ‘Pending Your Action’ or ‘Forward Internally’.

Your system is provided with a set of call physical statuses, which you can rename to better reflect your organization’s procedures if you wish. You cannot add or delete physical statuses.

Renaming a Call Physical Status

Before you start

As some parameters are read from the database at application start-up, we recommend that there are no Analysts logged on when you make changes to system settings.

Ensure you are in the correct partition before applying the settings.

You must have IPK Set Up selected in the Admin tab of your General Access Security Role to configure the IPK management settings.

  1. Select ≡ > Admin > System Administration. The System Administration window appears.

  2. In the Explorer pane, expand IPK Management.

  3. Select Call Physical Statuses to open the window.

  4. Highlight the Title field of the physical status you want to rename, and overtype with the new name.

  5. Save the changes.

  6. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so.

Interpreting Call Physical Statuses

The Call Physical Status field on the Info Panel of the Call Details window indicates the action you should expect to take on each call. The physical status of the call is also displayed on the Calls Outstanding window (all views). Any calls that appear in these windows are your responsibility, even if they have been forwarded to other Analysts for their attention. Until the receiving analyst takes action (not just reviews) on the forwarded call, it remains your responsibility.

The following list of titles are the system defaults, however those on your system may have already been renamed.

The Name column in the Call Physical Statuses window will always show the original name even if the Title has been renamed.

Call Physical StatusDescription

New Call

This is a new call. No action has been taken on it.

Pending External Action

The call is waiting on the actions of an external supplier. You are responsible for contacting that company and arranging the external action required, and following up as necessary.

Pending Person Comments

The call is pending the addition of closure comments. You are responsible for adding any extra comments, then closing the call.

Pending Your Action

The call is currently your responsibility and has been deferred following your previous action. If you have Call Status Titles set up on your system and you selected one on deferral, that title will appear instead.

Forward Internally

You have forwarded this call to another analyst. As yet they have not acknowledged it and it is still your responsibility.

A call will also have this status if it has been forwarded externally, but the contract is the responsibility of another analyst in your support system.

Forward for Comments

The call has been forwarded internally to another analyst, for them to add comments. You are still responsible for this call until the other analyst picks it up.


The call has been cloned by the current analyst and is their responsibility until the call is forwarded to another analyst.


The current analyst took action on the call and closed the call.

External Action Completed

The external supplier that the call was forwarded to has actioned and completed the call.

Forward To You

Another analyst has forwarded this call to you for your attention. You are still to acknowledge it.

Forward to the Group

Another analyst has forwarded this call to the group of which you are a member. No one in your group has currently acknowledged it.

Forward to You for Close

This status indicates that a call you opened has been resolved by another Analyst and has been automatically forwarded to you for final closure, following the Closure Method settings in the IPK Settings (Partitioned) window.

Forward to Group for Close

This status indicates that a call has been resolved by another Analyst and automatically forwarded to all members of the specially defined group, for closure, following the Closure Method settings in the IPK Settings (Partitioned) window.

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