Closure Groups

You can select a closure group for a partition so that calls in that partition will be forwarded to the corresponding group for closure.

Continuous Improvement: Best Practice

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework emphasizes the importance of having dedicated Closure Groups (See Closure Groups for more information) within the IT service management process. These groups are responsible for several critical tasks:

  1. Checking Closed Tickets: They ensure that all the solutions provided and the steps taken to resolve the issues are thoroughly documented and meet the established service quality standards.

  2. Validating Resolutions: Validation involves confirming that the resolutions have indeed solved the problems from the users' perspectives, ensuring that the services are restored to their desired operational statuses.

  3. Continuous Improvement: By analyzing the resolutions and the problems, Closure Groups identify trends, recurring issues, and areas lacking in service provision, contributing to the continuous improvement of IT services.

Setting a Closure Group for a Partition

Before you start

  • For more information on partitions, please see Partitions

  • You must create the Closure Group in System Administration>Security>IPK Groups before you can configure the Call Closure Group Settings.

  • You must assign at least 1 Analyst to the IPK Group.

  • As some parameters are read from the database at application start-up, we recommend that there are no Analysts logged on when you make changes to system settings.

  • If your system is partitioned, ensure you are in the correct partition before applying the settings.

  • You must have IPK Setup selected in the Admin tab of your General Access Security Role in order to configure any IPK administration settings.

Closure Group must be selected in the IPK Settings (Partitioned) window.

  1. Select ≡ > Admin > System Administration. The System Administration window appears.

  2. In the Explorer pane, expand IPK Management.

  3. Select IPK Settings (Partitioned).

  4. Select the Closure Method Rules. This will enable the next section, Closure Rules.

    • Choose Logged by to send the ticket back to the logging analyst to complete the closure process

    • Choose Log Group to send it back to the group queue that logged the ticket

    • Choose Closure Group to send it to a predefined Call Close Group that will carry out the closure actions.

  5. Using the drop down list, select the Closure Group to which calls in that partition must be forwarded for closure.

  6. Save the changes.

  7. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so

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