You must have Nano Setup enabled in your General Access Security Roles – Admin Tab

  1. Select the Menu button Admin, and then select System Administration. The System Administration window is displayed.

  2. In the Explorer pane, locate the Nano group, scrolling down if necessary.

  3. Select Nano Settings to open the window.

  4. Select the options that you require for Nano

User Experience Options

The options under User Experience affect system behavior for analysts using Nano.

  1. On Save - Use this setting to control what happens when the Save button is pressed in a Call, Task, or Request.

    • Keep Open - Select to keep the windows open

    • Close Window - Select to close the active window

  2. SLM Stop Clock Reason - This setting is provided to enable a pop-up for the analysts to enter a stop clock reason.

Nano Theme

Default Theme - Select to use the default Nano theme, which has a dark background. This option is selected by default.

Custom Theme - Select to use the custom Nano theme, which has a light background. The Custom Theme has been developed to be customizable by anyone with skill in CSS. To customize, navigate to the system's Content folder, then edit custom-header.css; e.g.: C:\Program Files\Alemba\ASM\<System>\Content\custom-header.css

  1. Provide the change reasons if prompted to do so.

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