Portal Settings

Portal Settings provide options to streamline the Self Service Portal and simplify the User experience.

Enabling Portal Settings

  1. Select the options to enable:

Hide Shopping Cart

Select to hide the Shopping Cart/Order widget in the Service Request Catalog. When submitting a service request for a catalog item, the shopping cart is bypassed and the Service Request submits immediately when the form is submitted.

Service Bundles are submitted when the last form is submitted.

Submission forms that are 'Saved for Later' can be retrieved by selecting the same catalog item.

Consolidate Calls and Requests

Select to enable options for displaying a consolidated view of calls and requests as 'Items':

  • The 'My Items' counts widget on the Home Page shows the total count for calls and requests.

  • The 'My Items' table widget on the Home Page shows calls and requests in one table.

  • An Item Search page that searches across calls and requests.

  • An Item Search Results page that shows calls and requests in one table, where call numbers are prefixed with "C" and request numbers are prefixed with "R".

Configuration is required to display some elements for 'My Items', and to hide elements for Calls and Requests; see Required Configuration for My Items.

Show Promoted Catalog Items Widget

Select to show a widget on the Home Page containing icons for Catalog Promoted Items. Selecting an icon launches the submission form for that catalog item.

Enable Advanced Search in Search Fields

Select to show the advanced search option

All QD fields to additionally search Unspecified Partition (Partition 0) in Service Catalog

Select to also search partition zero, or the original system partition.

  1. Select the Save icon to save the changes. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so.

Configuring Portal Settings

Required Configuration for My Items when activating the Consolodate Calls and Requests Option

After selecting the setting 'Consolidate Calls and Requests', the portal system needs to be configured correctly to display Self Service Portal elements for My Items and hide elements for Calls and Requests.

  1. Modify the Self Service Portal Home Page using an HTML editor to remove widgets and tables for Calls and Requests, such as the My Incidents counts, My Request counts, the My Incidents table, and the My Requests table.

  2. Update My Options in System Admin to show options for My Items and remove options for Incidents and Requests, as needed.

  3. Use Designer to modify Call and Request Self Service Portal screens:

    • Change labels of "Incident" and "Request" to "Item"

    • Prefix the [CALL_NO] page element with "C"

    • Prefix the [REQUEST_NO] page element with "R"

    Screens to modify:

    Call ScreensRequest Screens

    Call Review

    Request Review

    Call Add Note

    Request Add Note

    Call Add Note Out

    Request Add Note Out

    Call Add Object

    Request Add Object

    Call Add Object Out

    Request Add Object Out

Optional Configuration for My Items

Screens are available from the Self Service Portal menu option in Designer:

  • Item Search Criteria

  • Item Search Results


Widgets with configurable labels and tooltips are available on the Self Service Portal Home Screens (Default and Classic):

  • My Items counts

  • My Items table widget

  • Most Popular Services widget