External Chat tool Integrations

You may use other chat Tools rather than the built-in ASM Chat Tool.

Applicable to systems on GAIA (ASM Version 10.4 and later)

For example, you can configure ASM to use MS Teams Chat so that when a User initiates a Chat from the ASM Portal the Analyst can accept the chat in Core. At that point, an MS Teams Chat is created and the Chat can continue in MS Teams. The Analyst then has the option to import the Chat History from MS Teams into the associated ASM Call.

Configure ASM for Teams Integration

Teams Chat functionality does not support the transfer of attachments uploaded in the Teams Chat to the ASM Call when the Teams Chat is ended. Currently it will bring through the Chat Transcript into the ASM Call History only.

  1. Register the ASM app using the Azure Portal

ASM uses the authorization code flow to access the Microsoft Graph API on behalf of the logged in user.

The Azure administrator should register an application in Azure AD and will require the redirect URL for ASM.

e.g. https://{asm-server-url}/{asm-system-name}/oauth2callback.htm

The Azure administrator may need to pre-authorize the Chat.Read delegated permission


  1. Configure Chat: Change the Chat Type to Teams in System Administration>Preview Settings >Settings

Teams Service Account: teamsintergraiton@alemba.com

Client Secret: .d4OWaeT04eAJdevo86D.kttQ~_l4U0LKH

Application ID: 992cee91-4fc3-4555-9651-c844683a3714

Tenant ID: c3994514-768e-447c-9523-faf45b0c23f7