Configuration Management Security Role: Locations Tab

You can set permissions relating to managing locations, including viewing, creating and updating Locations.

Before you start

You must have Security Roles setup selected in the Admin tab of your own General Access security role before you can assign or remove permissions for any security roles.

  1. Display the Configuration Management Security Roles details window, if it is not already on screen.

  2. Assign the global permissions for the security role:

Disable CMDB Security

Analysts with this role have unlimited access to the CMDB, including the External Resource Search and Federated CMDB Admin options. Select this option to effectively turning off the granular security system for access to the CMDB. All CMDB items will open in edit mode, regardless of other permissions. Leave this deselected to assign specific permissions to the role.

External Resource Search

Analysts with this role can search for CMDB items from the External Resources Searchwindow. Analysts with this permission are restricted to a Cached Resource Search so searches can only return CMDB details that have been imported and not excluded from the Federated CMDB. This option also allows Analysts to view external resource data via the Linked Resources option.

Federated CMDB Admin

Analysts with this role can import CMDB Items from the External Resource Search window. They can also perform a Full Resource Search to search for Item Details within the CMDB which have not been imported into ASM Core, access the Federated CMDB Administration windows and access and process Discrepancy Reports through the CMDB Item Details Explorer option of the same name.

This option is only enabled if External Resource Search is selected.

3. Select the Locations Tab

Location View

When Location View is selected, the following options are enabled:

Location New - Analysts with this role can create locations

Location Update - Analysts with this role can update locations

Location Delete - Analysts with this role can delete Locations

Location Title Update - Analysts with this role can update the name of a given location

Location Object Download - Analysts with this role can view and download objects and attachments that have been uploaded to the location record.

Location View Secure Attachments - When enabled, analysts with this role can view attachments using the secure PDF Viewer.

Location Stakeholder View - Allows Analysts to view linked stakeholders for each location. These might be the Points of Contact, for example, for a given location.

Location Advanced Search - this enabled advance and detailed searching on the Location search screen.

Location Update

When Location Update is selected, analysts with this role can:

  • Location Cancel Lock - Selecting this option cancels the lock set on Locations. By default, only one Analyst can update a Location record at any one time. Selecting this option disables this function and enables the Location record to be updated by two or more Analysts simultaneously.

  • Location Action by Default - Analysts with this role can open location details in edit mode directly; they do not need to use the Edit button.

Location Object Download

When Location Object Download is selected, additional options appear for:

  • Location Object Update - If Location Object update is selected, then the following are enabled:

Other Options

Location Stakeholders View - Analysts with this role can view stakeholders that are linked to locations.

Location Stakeholders Write - Analysts with this role can update details and link stakeholders to locations.

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