IPK Management Security Role: Quick Launch Tab

You can control access to quick launch URLs by setting which ones Analysts with specific IPK security roles can access.

Before you start

You must have Security Roles setup selected in the Admin tab of your own General Access security role before you can assign or remove permissions for any security roles.

To enable this tab, select Quick Launch in the System Settings.

  1. Display the IPK Management Security Roles details window, if it is not already on screen.

  2. Select the Quick Launch tab.

  3. Select Quick Launch Security to enable access to specific quick launch URLs for this role. Deselecting this option will give access to all quick launch URLs.

  4. To make a URL available for use by Analysts with this role, select it in the Select Quick Launch Applications table and select Add to List.

  5. To remove a URL from this role, select the role in the Selected Quick Launch Applications List and select Remove.