Service Level Management Security Roles

You can assign and restrict rights for agreements in ASM Core using SLM Security Roles for Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Operating Level Agreements (OLAs) and Underpinning Contracts (UCs).

Before you start

You must have Security Roles setup selected in the Admin tab of your own General Access security role before you can assign or remove permissions for any security roles.

  1. Select the Menu button , then Admin, then select System Administration.

    The System Administration window appears.

  2. In the Explorer pane, expand Security Roles then select Service Level Management. All existing SLM security roles are displayed.

    Now you can create, update or rename a security role of this type. The pre-defined role All typically has all role options selected. However, some of the options are not selected by default and you should explore the permissions set before assigning the role.

  3. If you want to create a role, select and assign the role a name in the Role Name field. To view or update a role, select the role in the browse table and select .

  4. The permissions for SLM security roles are available on several tabs. Select the appropriate one for your needs:


to set general security permissions relating to agreements, including object management


to link forms to the role, and choose what level of access Analysts have to those forms

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