Workflow Management Security Role: External Supplier Screen Sets Tab

You can set up multiple external supplier screen sets for your ASM System, and you can control access to these screen sets through roles. Each role can be given access to specific screen sets.

Before you start

To enable this tab, Multiple Screen Sets and Multiple Task Screen Sets must be selected in the Workflow Management Settings.

You must have Security Roles setup selected in the Admin tab of your own General Access security role before you can assign or remove permissions for any security roles.

External Supplier screen sets must be defined before they can be assigned to a role.

  1. Display the Workflow Management Security Roles details window, if it is not already on screen.

  2. Select the Ext. Supplier Screen Sets tab. The Select Screen Set table at the top of the window lists all of the available screen sets. The Selected Screen Set table shows the screen sets that are linked to the current role.

  3. To make a screen set available to the role, select in from the Select Screen Set table, and select Add to List or double click to display it in the Selected Screen Set table.

  4. To assign the default screen set for the role, select it in the Selected Screen Set table and the selectSet as Default. This will be used when an Analyst with this role logs requests which include External Supplier tasks.