Workflow Management Security Role: Request Quick Launch Tab

You can control the quick launch URLs that Analysts with this security role can access from a request.

Before you start

You must have Security Roles setup selected in the Admin tab of your own General Access security role before you can assign or remove permissions for any security roles.

To enable this tab, Quick Launch must be selected in System Settings.

  1. Display the Workflow Management Security Roles details window, if it is not already on screen.

  2. Select the Request Quick Launch tab. (You may need to scroll across to see this.)

  3. If you want to allow access to particular quick launch URLs only, select the Request Quick Launch Security option. If you do not select the option, the role will have unrestricted access to all quick launch URLs listed in the browse table.

  4. Having selected Request Quick Launch Security, select the URL you want to make available to this role in the top table and select Add to List.

  5. Active quick launch URLs for Workflow Management are those with the Active checkbox selected for Request and Task entities. Quick Launch URLs can be set as active via the Quick Launch or Quick Launch window. You may need to adjust the columns to see them.

  6. All configured quick launch URLs will display in the browse table, regardless of whether they are active, or whether they have been configured for a call, request or task.

  7. To remove a group, select it in the lower table and then select Remove.