Link Organization to Portal Key

You can link organizations to specific Portal keys so that the organization has a default portal without needing to enter a special portal address.

When you link an organization to a Portal Key, you create a default for any user who belongs to that organization. For example, if you link the Estates and Facilities organization to the Facilities Portal key, any user logging in with Estates and Facilities as their organization, will automatically go to the Self Service Portal for Facilities.

Before you Start

You must have Self Service Portal Configuration enabled in your General Access Security Role

You must have configured Self Service Portal Keys for your Self Service Portal Systems

  1. Configure your Self Service Portal keys in System Administration>Self Service Portal>Self Service Portal Systems

  1. From System Administration>Self Service Portal, click Link Organization to Portal Key

  2. Click the New Icon to add a new row to the table

  1. Select the organization from the list and then select the Self Service Portal key you would like to link to the organization.

Organizations not linked to a portal key will be directed to the default portal.

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