Service Order Status Titles

ASM Core provides the following statuses for Service Orders: Not Submitted, Submitted, In Progress, Complete. These statuses can be renamed to appear differently in the Service Request Catalog.

You cannot add or delete Service Order Status Titles. It is only possible to rename them.

Renaming a Service Order Status Title

Before you start

You must have Self Service Portal Setup enabled within your General Access Security Role in order to configure any Self Service administration settings.

  1. Select Admin > System Administration. The System Administration window appears.

  2. In the Explorer pane, expand Self Service Portal.

  3. Select Service Order Status Titles to open the window. The existing names are displayed in a browse table. You can adjust the column widths if required.

  4. Select the entry you want to change in the Name column.

  5. Type the required name.

  6. Select the Save icon to save the changes. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so.

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