Event Activity Types

There are a number of SLM events that can occur in ASM Core involving escalations and breaches. When an event occurs, it is written into a database table.

SLM events, within ASM Core, are specific occurrences that relate to the Service Level Management (SLM) process. These events are recorded to monitor and manage breaches, escalations, and operational level agreements effectively. Here's a concise list of SLM event types:

  • Resolve Breach: Occurs when a resolution does not meet the agreed upon time frame.

  • First Call Breach: Happens when initial contact with the service desk breaches the service level agreement.

  • Response Breach: Recorded when the response to an issue breaches the agreed upon time.

  • First Call Escalation: Triggered when a first call requires escalation to a higher level of support.

  • Response Escalation: Occurs when a response to an issue requires higher-level attention.

  • SLA Clock Stopped: Marks when the SLA timer is paused, usually due to waiting on a customer or third party.

  • OLA Clock Stopped: Occurs when the Operational Level Agreement (OLA) timer is paused.

  • UC Clock Stopped: Indicates when the Underpinning Contract (UC) timer is paused.

  • Reminder: Used to prompt actions or responses as per the SLA or OLA.

  • Resolve Escalation Level 1: Triggered for initial level escalation for resolution.

  • Resolve Escalation Level 2: Marks the second level of escalation in the resolution process.

While these events can be renamed to better reflect the operational language or requirements of an organization, they cannot be deleted or new event types created, ensuring the integrity and consistency of the SLM process within ASM Core.

Renaming an Event Type

Before you start

You must have SLM Setup enabled within your General Access Security Role in order to configure any SLM administration settings.

Verify that you have already defined options for Workflow Management and the CMDB, especially priorities, types, service levels, service types and CMDB item types.

  1. Select the Menu button, then Admin, and then select System Administration. The System Administration window is displayed, with a menu of options available.

  2. In the Explorer pane, select Service Level Management.

  3. Select Event Activity Type to open the window.

  4. Select the required Event Type by clicking on the Name field.

  5. Type over the name with the new name.

  6. Select to save the changes.

  7. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so.

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