User and Analyst Search Field Settings

You can configure how users and analysts can search for items within a specific search field. You configure separate search settings for users and analysts to reflect their access to the ASM System.

Configuring search fields

You can change:

  • The minimum input length

  • The number of results that are returned

  • Which columns are displayed in the search results

  • Which displayed columns are included in the search

  • If the search starts from the beginning of a word, or if it searches a string within the word

Before you start

You must have Self Service Portal Setup enabled within your General Access Security Role in order to configure any Self Service administration settings.

To configure search fields:

  1. In System Administration, expand System, then select either:

    • User Search Fields Settings to configure Self Service Portal

    • Analyst Search Fields Settings to configure ASM Core and Nano

  2. In the Field drop-down list, select the search field you want to configure.

  3. If required, in the Minimum Input Length box, adjust the number of letters that a user or analyst must type before the search begins.

    In Analyst Search Field Settings, you can only set the Minimum Input Length for Nano. In ASM Core, the search begins on the first letter you type. Nano users can bypass this minimum and display results by typing a single character and pressing Enter.

  4. If required, in the Results to Display box, adjust the number of results that are returned.

    ASM searches the database in ascending alphanumeric order, and only the first of these results are displayed. The more results you choose to display, the slower the search becomes.

  5. If required, select one or more columns in the Available Columns list, then select Add to add them to the Selected Columns list.

    Alternatively, you can double-click a column title to include it in the list. Selected columns are displayed in the returned results table.

    The more columns you choose, the slower the search becomes. We recommend you choose a maximum of six columns.

  6. Select the Incl. in Search check box alongside each column that you want to search.

    The search will only include the start of a word.

For example, if you search for gri, the results will return Grimsby, Eleanor, but not Hartfield, Ingrid. If you leave the check box blank, the column appears in the results table but is not searched.

When you include a column in the search, you can choose to search a string within it. For example, if you search for gri, the results will return Grimsby, Eleanor as well as Hartfield, Ingrid. To enable searching for a string, select the Contains check box alongside the relevant columns.

7. If you want to remove a column from the Selected Columns list, select the unwanted column, then select Remove.

You can configure and remove the default Selected Columns, with the exception of the relevant Display Name/Title column, which you can configure but not remove.

10. If prompted, provide Change Reasons.