Text Retrieval

Text searches are included in all search windows in ASM Core.

Text search cannot be performed on archived calls. This is because when a call is archived, it is moved from the core call data table along with any text indexing on this call. This is done to improve performance and regain data storage space.

You can define generic settings and specify keywords and synonyms to be used in text searches involving the Knowledge Bank using the options in the Text Retrieval group in the System Administration window. This includes creating and managing common words, keywords, synonyms and defining web file extensions.

Options include:

Common Words

to maintain a list of common words, such as prepositions and articles, that are not indexed when ASM Core performs a text search indexing job


to maintain a list of keywords which can be attached to Knowledge Bank articles. Search for articles can be based on these keywords.


to maintain a list of synonyms that can be defined for a keyword. Synonyms can be attached to Knowledge Bank articles and used to search for articles.

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